Baby Bison Enthused After Human Interference

AddedJul 19, 2016
ByAdity Bera
Baby Bison Enthused After Human Interference

During their trip to Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, a father and son duo came across a young bison, which they picked up and put in their SUV because they thought the calf was cold and needed help. Although their intentions were good, this deed of theirs ultimately led to the death of the calf as it had to be enthused; its herd abandoned the calf because of human interference.

Once the visitors brought the calf to the park facility, the rangers tried to reunite the calf with its herd numerous times, but were unsuccessful. The deserted calf started approaching the cars and people, which could be dangerous, and hence had to be enthused.

The visitors were fined $110 for meddling with the park’s wildlife. The sad event compelled the United States National Park Service to release a public statement on how people should behave while coming in contact with the park’s wildlife.

Their website emphasized on how interfering with the wild animals could disturb their comfort and existence. As per the park regulations, people need to keep a 100 yard distance from wolves and bears, and 25 yards away from all other wildlife, including deer, elk and bison.

Engaging with the wildlife could lead to dangerous consequences in which human and animal safety could be at stake. Other instances had also been highlighted in their website where visitors posed for selfies with the animals.

There are many occasions when bison have attacked people and instances have been reported when humans have been injured. Bison attacks are common in Yellowstone National Park. It is best that they are left alone.

Animals will attack only if they feel their life is in danger; staying far away and admiring them is the best way to live and let live.

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