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Our planet is warming faster than it ever did in the last 100,000 years. We have started noticing its effects, from the ample lands to the raging seas. Every resident on the planet, from the Equator to the poles, have been experiencing changes in the environment which could compromise not only our human existence, but the life of all Earth’s inhabitants.

We have been feeling the effects of changes in the climate and our environment every day. And now that we finally understand the impact of our actions threatening our very existence, let us take steps toward reducing the ecological footprint by changing our lifestyle before it’s too late.

The message through all these changes is clear and bears a strong sense of urgency. As citizens of planet Earth, we must take effective measures to consume less so that we can live within the regenerative capacity of the planet. If we continue consuming natural resources and polluting at the same pace that we are now, we will end up facing an ecological overshoot which will have massive and devastating consequences.

So what can we do?

“Earth does not belong to us; we belong to earth.”
-Chief Seattle

Sadly enough, our habits are the biggest cause of the problems that Earth is in. Our carbon footprint grows larger as the world’s ecological balance shrinks year after year.

DefendPlanet.com strongly believes that every person has a part to play. As humans, we are collectively responsible for climate change and other wrongs affecting Earth; therefore, we need to find ways to put things right.

Our site aims to create ecological awareness on Earth, amplifying the voices of some true heroes out there. We are just regular Janes and Joes trying to make our small contribution in order to build a better world, and we are not affiliated with any organization or government.

If you like our website and what we are trying to achieve here, please join our community and help us spread the word.  Let us join hands not simply to hope for a better environment, but to take steps, no matter how small, to bring a change that the planet will thank us for.  Remember that the most important link to every project that we undertake is You. Without you, dear Earth citizen, we will not be able to accomplish the big tasks and huge changes that our planet needs.

Carlos Pardo

Webmaster and Editor

Carlos is an English/Spanish freelance translator with a background in graphic design and a digital nomad wannabe – he earns his bread and butter as a telecommuter since 2012.  One day he decided to stop investing that much of his free time playing videogames and do something better, so he created this website in order to do some research and share his findings about how to go greener.

Andrea Triana


Andrea is a business administrator who is touched by planet’s current situation and challenges due to degradation and endangerment of our biotic communities. She wants to take an active part in the preservation of the environment by learning more and educating others about sustainable development highlighting what we can do in order to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Adity Bera

Contributing Writer

Adity has started working as a news/blog editor after completing her Bachelor of Technology Degree on 2008. She has worked on various news sites as content writer and editor. She loves taking new challenges and learning new things. She worked as volunteer to train people about networking and earns money by working from home.

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