Useful Tips to Save and Defend the Planet

AddedAug 13, 2016
ByAndrea Triana
Defend the Planet

With commitment and starting with ourselves we can make small contributions to help the environment; every action, no matter how small, counts.


  1. Do your own research and help raise awareness of the environment problems where you live.
  2. Eat less red meat; cows are the main cause of environmental degradation because of methane emissions, deforestation, and biodiversity loss.
  3. Press your government representative to implement renewable energy sources. If you can, generate your own renewable electricity by installing a solar panel or wind turbine.
  4. If you can work from home, that’s probably the best way to go. If you still need to commute, try to use ecological friendly transportation, like a bicycle, electric car, or share your vehicle with other people.
  5. We love our cats and dogs, but introducing invasive species could harm biodiversity in a significant way – so always be responsible with your pets and don’t release them in a protected environment.
  6. Stop buying plastic bottled water; use a vacuum flask instead.
  7. Remember the old 3R’s motto: “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”, before throwing anything into the dumpster.
  8. Turn off lights you are not using and unplug all your electric devices and chargers when they are not in use.
  9. Replace traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs; they have a longer lifespan and are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs.
  10. Avoid overconsumption; consumerism seriously affects our environment.
  11. Don’t use aerosol sprays; chlorofluorocarbon compounds (CFC) are not only toxic, but have destructive effects on the ozone layer, increasing the greenhouse effect.
  12. When shopping, take a cloth bag with you and avoid plastic bags; remember that a plastic bag could require 150 years before degrading.
  13. Segregate organic waste from inorganic waste and recyclable materials like glass, aluminum, paper, and cardboard.
  14. Plant trees and plants; they are not only going to embellish your neighborhood, but are going to make you healthier, producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2).
  15. Install a composting toilet, or if you can’t use a waiter toilet, make sure you are using a high-efficiency flush toilet; remember to save water as much as you can.
  16. Consume seasonal food and buy locally grown food whenever it’s possible.
  17. Use biodegradable cleaners and soaps.
  18. Avoid using products made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as manufacturing is highly toxic due to phthalates and dioxin compounds that negatively impact the environment.
  19. If a drug has expired, don’t throw it in the toilet or the dumpster; dispose of it in an authorized collector location. If you are in the U.S., you could find more information here.
  20. Avoid using petroleum-derived beauty products – look out for nature ingredients instead.
  21. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, shave, soap your body, or wash your hair; you will save this precious fluid.
  22. Stop using zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries; use rechargeable batteries instead, and remember to dispose of those in the appropriate battery recycling bins.


Do you think we are missing an important ecological tip here? Please let us know so we can include it on this list.

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